Mandolinist and singer, Bryan Ranney has traveled across the country on the ‘Not A Ukulele’ Tour, selling-out venues, winning media attention, and delighting listeners with his catchy, original brand of alternative-folk music. Ranney is captivating as a solo act or leading his band of skilled improvisors. Brought up in the hard-knock Saint Louis music scene, Ranney is a fine representative of the vibrant, melting-pot, americana-culture of acoustic blues, hippie-bluegrass, and river-town roots music that pervades the region. A truly gifted performer, Ranney seduces his audience with simple melodies, beautiful phrasing and a hypnotic groove. The characters that inhabit his songs can be dark and complex, but the poetry that renders them is genuine and unembellished. In concert, Bryan Ranney will warm your heart and leave you buzzing long after the final applause.

Is That A Ukulele?

Award-winning mandolinist, Bryan Ranney's 'Not A Ukulele' tour celebrates the 'Not A Ukulele'-ness of mandolins everywhere. He is singing original songs and winning fans the way an indie musician does: with stickers and T-shirts.

Following the reception of his debut album, Watershed, songwriter and performer, Bryan Ranney listened to the general public: Some, who might have previously asked, "Is that a ukulele?" had instead begun asking, "What is that? I know it's Not A Ukulele." Ranney interprets this subtle shift in language as a remarkable step forward for the popular awareness of his somewhat-obscure, kind-of-familiar, and not-entirely-unheard-of chosen instrument.

Ranney has received high praise from regional media including FM 88.1 KDHX, Playback:STL & Eleven Magazine. Ranney performs regularly at music festivals, tours the USA, and plays club dates year round.