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Last fall, when the 'Not A Ukulele' Tour took me to San Francisco, I spent several evenings jumping across trolley tracks and huffing up-hill, both ways, mandolin in hand, to play some open mic's and meet the people.

One such…

PHOTOS: In the Studio w/ Justin Steinbecker

For the 6th installment of our LOVE & CONNECTION 'Live In Studio' Photo Series, we welcome the handsome and handy, Justin Steinbecker. You'll usually catch him performing on the djembe, but Justin has also played congas, symbols, doubek, and water-drum…

Bryan Ranney Band Returns to Colorado!

2016 Tour Dates Announced!
Nederland, Alma, Salida, & Denver

Bryan Ranney Band’s ‘Not A Ukulele’ Tour Returns to Colorado this summer, delighting listeners with their catchy, original brand of alternative-folk music! Mandolinist and singer, Bryan Ranney leads a…

PHOTOS: In the Studio w/ Leslie Sanazaro

Leslie Sanazaro was back in the studio today laying down piano tracks for CHANGING THE LOCKS, the new album of original music by Bryan Ranney. 

On the Veranda

Leslie Tracking Keys

The Many Moods of Adam Long

Red Brick…

Bryan's Birthday Party / Kickstarter Thank You #2

‘Not A Ukulele’ Presents   

Bryan's Birthday Party   
Pop’s Blue Moon   
Wednesday, March 16   

Free To All Supporters & Loved Ones  

5249 Pattison Ave. 
St. Louis, MO 63110 

Bryan Ranney Band   

Adam Andrews … harmonica…

PHOTOS: In the Studio w/ Drew Lance

Bryan Ranney Band is back in the recording studio! This week, Drew Lance has been banging on drums, tracking percussion instruments and singing some sweet backing vocals. Enjoy these photos:  

Adam Long & Drew Lance  

Studio Selfie!  

Kickstarter Thank You Party # 1


‘Not A Ukulele’ Presents  

Key To My Heart: A Celebration  
Pop’s Blue Moon  
Wednesday, February 17  

Free To All Supporters & Loved Ones 

5249 Pattison Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63110

Bryan Ranney Band  

Adam Andrews ……

Right On Time

"Hello Bryan, I missed your cut off date for the Kickstarter, but can I still get on the bandwagon? I don't see where I can contribute. Am I too late?"  

Actually, you're Right On Time!!

Due to a…


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