LOVE & CONNECTION: Changing the Locks

CHANGING THE LOCKS is a new album of original music by Bryan Ranney exploring LOVE & CONNECTION.

Team 'Not A Ukulele' is poised to finish production of a 10-song album that encompasses and explores themes of love & connection. Will you help us take the next step?

Music brings people together. It creates a space for authentic emotional connection and sharing. I come from a family of musicians who taught me about love & connection by gathering in times of celebration and mourning, to play together, sing together, and laugh together. I’ve committed my life to music, spending the last 12 years as a full-time professional artist. I perform with intention; I aspire to move my audience, to provide catharsis and release, to give rise to experiences of love & connection.  

I’ve dedicated myself to spreading love & connection through music. It’s my dream to do this on a worldwide scale, but I need your help to get there. After years of writing songs and refining my craft, immersed in my local music community, I developed a set of skills and a network of supporters that empowered me to launch a year-long tour across the United States. The band of musicians that coalesced around me through this process has elevated my music to new heights and I am so grateful for them! 

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