Touring musician, songwriter, and recording artist, Bryan Ranney uses language, rhythm, and pleasing vocal tones to create a friendly space where you can settle in and be yourself. Get to know Bryan through stories of his adventures on the road and at home. 

ASMR Friendly. This Podcast is Not A Ukulele. 

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Voyage & Return

Suspected Infected  

  • Live Shows This Week: 
  • Bryan Ranney @ Hellboy Day: 
    Hellboy Beer Release Party 
    Apotheosis Comics & Lounge 
    Saturday, March 23, 2019 
  • Play Music! Open Mic 
    Every Wednesday 
    Apotheosis Comics & Lounge 
  • Last Week’s Open Mic 
  • Streptococcus & Facebook Down 
  • Elliott Ranney is My Hero 
  • Low On Poems 
  • Knowable Verifiable Fact: Seed of Destruction 
  • Beer Math 
  • Strange Recreational Experiences 
  • The Nature of Consciousness 
  • A Discursive Hike 
  • Recitation: Castle Rock

Yoga Onmalonesum  

  • Body & Muscles & Water 
  • Listener Mail: John from Jackson, Mississippi 
  • Give the Sign-Up List Its Due 
  • On the Vibe 
  • Mission Flow & Aversion to Flawlessness 
  • Hair & Dental Rebirth v. Appointment Time Management 
  • Trivia! First Song Ever Performed @ Play Music! Open Mic 
  • Recitation: Whatever You Would Like, Bryan

Promo Pro-Mode  

  • Play Music! Open Mic 
    Apotheosis Comics & Lounge 
    3206 South Grand Blvd, STL MO 63118 
    Every Wednesday 7p-10 
  • Low Lights and Vibes 
  • Sink your Teeth into Substance and Emotional Resonance 
  • Applause Mechanics 
  • So Many Brands 
  • Party Dynamics 
  • Your boy Bryan tells a story in 1st person! 
  • Pamphlets, Handbills, & Flyers 
  • A High Ranking Bill 
  • Highly Ineffective Rhetoric 
  • Wards and Precincts 
  • “You better put that hat back on” 
  • New St. Louis “I VOTED” sticker 
  • Meta Moment 
  • This is why I don’t look things up 
  • Recitation: TNR

Ostinato Bequeathed  

  • Ahnountzmence 
  • Auditory Neighborhoods 
  • Make The Sounds Very Pleasing 
  • Maximum Fun Consulting 
  • Extraordinary Temporal Regularity 
  • Ongoing Pothole Vigilance 
  • No County 
  • A List of Instruments 
  • Will Eisner’s Graphic Novels Differentiation 
  • Shoe Issues 
  • Wave Like A Friendly Monster 
  • Tires Are Like New Shoes for Cars 
  • Recitation: Something Fun

Careening Legions  

  • Pothole Despots 
  • Big Vocabulary Words 
  • Hill Giant Pottery Armor 
  • Quality Times vs Matrix Sweaters 
  • Dystopian Dysmorphia 
  • Television Shows With Local Government Depictions 
  • Pants With Elastic Waist Bands 
  • 2D Television Characters Cause Volcanic Eruptions 
  • Super Soldiers Disappear Tetris Style 
  • Pronouncing Horror 
  • The Why, How & What 
  • Ruffled Feathers, etc 
  • Shoe Pollacking The Sidewalk With Neon Purple 
  • On Not Explaining 
  • Recitation: The Angel Band Project

Nine-O-Clock Devotion  

  • Songwriter Showcase Benefit at Walter’s Walk in Hazelwood, MO 63042 with Jane Godfrey, Bryan Ranney, Steve Givens, and John Caravelli - Saturday, Feb 2 at 7pm. 
  • Vibrating Barks in Booth 
  • MO Bottom is a fun band name 
  • Scheduling Solutions Staff Meeting 
  • Branding the New Interview Segments: Write In With Your Ideas! 
  • Benches & Tedium 
  • Polyhedral Storytelling Pretend Games 
  • Unauthorized Hypnotic Ding 
  • Obligatory Summons 
  • Voir Dire: Will Your Boy Bryan Be Sequestered at a Best Western?! Tune In Next Week!! 
  • While The Baby Takes A Nap: Thomas Ranney Interview 
  • Recitation: Thomas Catching Pokemon

Lightbulb Solo  

  • Show Announcement: Songwriter Showcase Benefit at Walter’s Walk in Hazelwood, MO with Jane Godfrey, Bryan Ranney, Steve Givens, and John Caravelli - Saturday, Feb 2 at 7pm. 
  • Visual Elements w/ Steve Kupp Jr 
  • Tray Project Expansion / Vinyl DJ Fun
  • ​​​​​​​Well Armored Bug Slams Into Lightbulb 
  • Ninja From Memphis Creates Comic Book 
  • Bryan’s Son Prefers Podcast to Live Conversation 
  • NEW SEGMENT: Knowable Verifiable Facts! 
  • Mystery of the Doorbell & In-home Star Trek Style Computer Bays 
  • REMIX featuring The Bug 
  • Reflection on Mission and Opportunity 
  • Recitation: Waiting Tables

Tray Magnificent  

  • My Aunt Jane LIVE THIS FRIDAY!! January 18, 2019 in Ballwin, MO @ The Wolf 

  • Winter Weather Wonderpants 

  • Bryan Totes a Hard Case for the Feel 

  • Jane Has a Doorbell?! 

  • Listener Mail: Patricia from Portland, OR 

  • Knowable, Verifiable Facts? 

  • Salutations!! And Closing Compliments 

  • Recitation: connection & compassion  in the context of disengagement

Box Bulbous  

  • Recording the Podcast Between Holiday Parties 

  • Boxes Are Satisfying to Wrap with Paper 

  • Geometric Speculation 

  • Recycling to the Blue Dumpsters in the Alley 

  • Cardboard is Also A Thing 

  • Ordering Items On the Internet 

  • Break It Down! / Delivery Break 

  • Melancholy Holly 

  • My Brother Gives Excellent Gifts 

  • Recitation: Jorie

Terrific Vagary  

  • Scariest Brew Pub Horror Tropes 
  • Tall Building Demons with Vague Social Expectations 
  • Two Marleys 
  • Pretending Not To See Ninjas at the Grocery Store
  • Private Secret Walks Out In The Open 
  • Shirt Hole & Asymmetrical Sparkly Necklace 
  • Shopping for Perfect Gifts 
  • Grandmother Gets Offended By Ugly Sweater Comments
  • Recitation: Whatever You Think