Doohickey Warentee 

  • Play Music! Open Mic 
    Every Wednesday 
    Apotheosis Comics & Lounge 
  • Fun Freaks 
  • Horns In Post Production? (Not Those Kind of Horns) 
  • Lots of Lots 
  • Satisfaction Metrics 
  • Air Supply’s Greatest Hits 
  • Very Bumpy Paper 
  • 17 Cell Phone Chargers 
  • Feel Out The Space 
  • All Your Body Parts 
  • Open All The Doors 
  • A Reasonable Volume 
  • A Huge Weirdo For No Reason 
  • The Mistake Quantity 
  • Wise Kupp 
  • Changing the Locks
    Now Available on Deluxe Vinyl

  • Recitation: Christianity

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