Lightbulb Solo 

  • Show Announcement: Songwriter Showcase Benefit at Walter’s Walk in Hazelwood, MO with Jane Godfrey, Bryan Ranney, Steve Givens, and John Caravelli - Saturday, Feb 2 at 7pm. 
  • Visual Elements w/ Steve Kupp Jr 
  • Tray Project Expansion / Vinyl DJ Fun
  • ​​​​​​​Well Armored Bug Slams Into Lightbulb 
  • Ninja From Memphis Creates Comic Book 
  • Bryan’s Son Prefers Podcast to Live Conversation 
  • NEW SEGMENT: Knowable Verifiable Facts! 
  • Mystery of the Doorbell & In-home Star Trek Style Computer Bays 
  • REMIX featuring The Bug 
  • Reflection on Mission and Opportunity 
  • Recitation: Waiting Tables

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