PaizoCon Bound 

  • A TV Station In Every Pot 
  • Bryan Likes Old School Lo-Fi Computer Games 
  • Play Music! Open Mic is ALL AGES!! ALL SKILL LEVELS!! ALL THE FUN!! 
    Special Guest Host: Elliott Ranney! (5.22.19) #MyDadIsCool 
  • Knowable Verifiable Fact: Origin of Experience Points? 
  • PaizoCon This Week!! 
  • When It Rains Outside 
  • Healthy Brekfesses 
  • Office Humor 
  • Packing Cubes 
  • Scolding ProTools Is Okay Because Robots Have No Feelings 
  • Texting Alex

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    Play Music! Open Mic 
    7-10pm Every Wednesday 
    Apotheosis Comics & Lounge 
    3206 South Grand, STL MO

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