Promo Pro-Mode 

  • Play Music! Open Mic 
    Apotheosis Comics & Lounge 
    3206 South Grand Blvd, STL MO 63118 
    Every Wednesday 7p-10 
  • Low Lights and Vibes 
  • Sink your Teeth into Substance and Emotional Resonance 
  • Applause Mechanics 
  • So Many Brands 
  • Party Dynamics 
  • Your boy Bryan tells a story in 1st person! 
  • Pamphlets, Handbills, & Flyers 
  • A High Ranking Bill 
  • Highly Ineffective Rhetoric 
  • Wards and Precincts 
  • “You better put that hat back on” 
  • New St. Louis “I VOTED” sticker 
  • Meta Moment 
  • This is why I don’t look things up 
  • Recitation: TNR

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