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  1. American Fool

From the recording Watershed

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American Fool
by Bryan Ranney

i've never lived in a war zone
cried on the telephone
sat on the sofa sucked into the t.v.
flickered like a flame on a flag
it's a shame your bumper sticker
don't look the same now
i'm just another american fool
i've never been to the holy land
heard of the taliban
dropped a bomb never met a palestinian
never traded drugs for guns
never traded guns for hostages
i want to hold on to what i've got
i want to keep my freedom locked
in a big secret vault underground
i'm not from the underground
just cause i don't want to fight
it don't mean i won't 'cause i might
i'm just another american fool
i'll never jump out a fox hole
to brace up a flag pole
fallen on the ground from the sound
of a plane crash
i've never been a hero
never killed never will be
i never will be